Xmas shopping early for your family pets. Vendors from across Canada offering their specialty pet items, treats, stocking stuffers all for your family companions
Have your pet's Christmas photos taken with old St Nick himself!
Support the Don Cherry Pet Rescue Foundation by visiting the Toronto Christmas Pet Show. The Don Cherry Pet Rescue Foundation supports the individuals within the trenches working on bettering the lives of the many rescues out there
Pets Welcome! Yes the CPE encourages everyone to bring their pets to enjoy the festive season and outings. All pets are welcome to the Toronto Christmas Pet Show. Please mind the weather and don't forget the winter booties if necessary.



WoofJocks has put together a Festive Wonderland playground for your pet dogs to enjoy through out the weekend. This interactive agility area is supervised by some of the elite trainers of Canada's premiere agility canine show. WoofJocks will also be presenting through out the day presentations with some of their festive pups! This is an exclusive event for the Toronto Christmas Pet Show
Canada's original exotic expo will also be on hand with the vendors from across North America promoting the upcoming pets from the small pocket pets to the rarest reptiles captive bred in Canada. Meet the specialists on hand to answer all of those questions and thoughts related to your pets needs.

Take a Pic


No festive season is complete without a visit from Santa. Be sure to drop by the festive xmas seat where you can take a pic with Santa with your pet. This unique festive opportunity is supporting the Don Cherry Pet Rescue Foundation.

Exo Terra

Reptile Products

Make your reptiles feel at home. Thanks to Exo Terra's natural approach, the terrarium hobby has evolved tremendously over the past few years. We turned a reptile "cage" into a "terrarium"!
The Canadian Pet Expos are proud to be supporters of the Don Cherry's Pet Rescue Foundation. Proceeds from ticket sales are donated to the DCPRF which are then distributed to needy rescues to further their cause.

There are only -279 days until the Toronto Christmas Pet Show